The Five Reasons You Should Absolutely Attend One Day One Goal

There’s a boatload of research on the advantages tied to setting a goal and sharing it with a group; this tactic is applicable to virtually any objective (starting a business, running a marathon, learning to crochet), and those pertaining to writing are no exception.L0TXGzR

One Day One Goal is Northeastern’s free writing retreat open to all members of the NEU community. From 10:30am to 3:00pm on Saturday, March 28th, writers from across the University will gather in Holmes Hall (room 400B) for a day of concentrated writing in a supportive group setting. By providing space and support, as well as collective accountability, the Writing Center hopes to bring together a group of writers for this One Day to write towards your One Goal. There’ll be coffee and lunch and all sorts of swag; spots are first come-first serve and they go fast! To sign up, simply send an email by March 24th with your name, contact information, and a brief overview of your writing project and goal to

What can you bring to One Day One Goal? Anything (but here are some ideas to jog your creative juices):

– A dissertation chapter or prospectus that needs finishing

– A short story you’d like to complete (or an idea for one you hope to start)

– A poetry chapbook in need of some polishing

– An article for revision before submission

– An essay for a course you’d like to plan, write, or rework

And now, if you still aren’t entirely cMG_2177-e1405715499407onvinced you should sign up, here are The Five Reasons You Should Absolutely Attend One Day One Goal:

Accelerate (or jump start) performance

Starting can be hard; paralysis by over analysis–or laziness–can get the best of even the most seasoned writer. One Day One Goal offers you an opportunity to experience collective accountability, to “peer pressure” yourself into getting the ball rolling.

Maintain (or foster) engagement

Do you struggle to remain interested ? A fresh perspective on your work could incite the reinvigoration you need in order to finish that passion project…or paper…or dissertation.


You aren’t the only person in the world (or on campus) with a writing project. Come for the consultation and coffee, leave with knowledge of a burgeoning writing community.


Maybe you’ve read and reread your thesis and you’re convinced it just doesn’t jive; perhaps your friends think those poems you scrawl on bar napkins are lame. At One Day One Goal, you’ll find an environment that’s supportive of writing and those committed to doing so.

Free stuff!

As if the coffee, pizza, and sense of community weren’t enough, by attending ODOG you’ll receive a stylin’ One Day One Goal mug, the perfect vessel for your favorite mode of caffeination.

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